The swiss army knife for Magento

N98-Magerun is a command line utility for environments (Mac OS / Linux) that streamlines many common tasks in Magento development.

Among the many useful features that this tool provides to Magento developers are:

  • Retrieve quick information from the database.
  • Make a dump of Magento database.
  • Clean Magento cache.
  • Restore or change password for an admin user.
  • Create admin users.
  • Create dummy orders.
  • Check for Security Patches installed.
  • Create custom modules.
  • Unistall modules.
  • Search for untranslated strings inside modules and extensions.

It also allows easily install a complete Magento store and to incorporate sample data. Everything you need to set up a local development environment in minutes.

The list of commands and options that can be used with this tool is super extensive and if this were not enough it is also possible to extend the tool with your own commands.

To conclude, I leave a list of useful links:


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